High recovery of all types of scrap metal, scrap plastic, scrap electronic materials. Wu Health 【Shenzhen City Jia and waste recycling company in Guangdong region of the larger】 funded, comprehensive industrial waste recycling and processing waste materials regeneration of large enterprises. The acquisition of waste business located in Shenzhen - Huizhou - Dongguan - Zhongshan - Guangzhou - Zhuhai. 【Home acquisitions as the Pearl River Delta】: First, scrap metal Category: 〖nickel, tungsten, titanium, copper, tin, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, lead, iron, molybdenum and other rare metals in your〗 Second, the waste plastic: 〖acrylic, silicone, plastic, ABS, PP, PS, POM, PE, PC, PVC, 475, PU, ??etc.〗 Third, electronic waste categories: 〖E-foot, scrap..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Wu Xiaolin (Mr.)
    Tel: 18924607238
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